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The Pit is almost ready to be opened, it will be fully opened next Saturday (October 13). However, we are going to be having an open testing period for it today, following the drop party (Use /dp ingame to see the drop party time).

The testing period will last around four hours and be open to everyone. There will be five types of low-tier mobs throughout the area. When you kill one of these low-tier mobs, there's a small chance of a boss spawning. The low-tier mobs are all under 100HP and are pretty easy to kill, but the bosses can have up to 500HP. The bosses also have armour and special abilities. We recommend taking on bosses with a group.

Normally, mobs and bosses in the pit would drop special items and tokens that can be used to purchase keys and exclusive items. However, for the testing period, all drops are disabled. We're looking for feedback on the balancing of the mobs and bosses. There will be a forum post up for feedback that you can reply to once you've tried The Pit.

A new area has been added to the spawn, The Pit.

The Pit will be split into two sections: the surface level and the depths.

The surface level will offer only PvE threats, including ordinary mobs and easy to medium difficulty bosses.
The depths offer a more hardcore experience; PvP and PvE, with the most difficult bosses.

These bosses will drop a range of rewards, from points, to money, to a new currency, "Boss Souls", which can be traded in for keys, including the old keys no longer available on the shop, as well as other exclusive items.

To access it, The Pit must be open, and can be opened for anywhere from 1 to 48 hours at a time by purchasing an access pass on the store. This pass opens the pit to everyone.

More information will be released about The Pit as we approach the launch, which should be within the next couple weeks.
Today we're announcing an exciting new feature on the server titled "The Expansion". The map will now expand twice as often, but half as much each time. Behind the map border now lies new cartel networks that will surely be fearfully contested by all of the rival factions for some of the new exclusive loot and legacy donator items.

Every second week just after DP time, The Expansion will reveal the many new unique buildings that contain exclusive loot and challenging bosses which lie behind the world border. We hope that every second week the top factions (or brave, but greedy individual players) will battle it out to claim some of the best loot on the server.

We don't have much more to say at this time, other than to let you know to be there next week for the first appearance of "The Expansion". We hope to see you all there to fight against the best for your cut of the cartels endless loot.

Since we added Horses to MCDrugs over a year ago, they have completely changed the gameplay of the server. They have always been a very useful tool for druggies and police. The horse system we have been using, however, had a lot of known bugs and it was very easy to lose a horse that you paid $6 000 000 for. There was also not much room for customization.

So, we've got an entirely new mount system. Horses work the same way, and run the same speed, but are now managed through a GUI. Instead of a saddle item in your inventory, you will now do /mounts to list the mounts you own. A mount can then be spawned by left clicking the saddle. With this system, it is impossible to lose your mount by dying or accidentally going off of duty as police.

This also allows much more cosmetic customization with the mounts. The Mount Skin Crate has been added, containing 32 mount "skins", unlocking each allows you to change the mount you ride into a different animal/monster. There is also the possiblity of sound effects and particles from mounts, those will be coming in the very near future.

If you have a physical saddle from the old horse system, please make a ticket ingame, and keep the saddle in your inventory. An admin will take the saddle and transfer your horse into the new system, along with its level. Unfortunately, we are not going to be having mules in the new system, but we will buy the mule saddle back from you for its original price.