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Disable Withers

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jakeman5, Oct 1, 2020.

  1. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    I feel as Dakotaa would be hesitant to work with former or current MCD players on anything server wise- as in the past we let this happen and said people left major exploits and bugs to be possible, some that could have gone unnoticed if not reported, I know you may argue it's a bit different with cannoning stuff, but it really isn't. I don't speak for Dakota so I could be wrong but yeah.

    Anyhows I doubt the company you speak of actually has or knows how to make cannons compatible and working on 1.13.2 alongside all existing plugins and features on the server.
  2. jakeman5

    jakeman5 Member

    I understand that we need to have some sort of way to raid. It just is lame as hell that the only way to raid is one that requires no skill and negates everything that is factions.
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  3. bradderzwld

    bradderzwld Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++

    Withers only on Saturdays?
    (Or some other method of time restriction)

    -Heavily Nerfs Withering as you basically HAVE to fight to get in
    -With pvp, you may be able to raid them but unlikely to be able to fully destroy the base
    -Encourages pvp during the most active period of the week
    -Means repairing a base will at least give you a weeks worth out of it.

    -Withering is still difficult as they would probably be killed too quickly (Maybe a bigger buff in health and slowness to limit movement? Would mean defenders could knockback the wither, not just kill it)
    -Bias towards big factions who will have numbers to defend/raid (This bias is already visible and part of factions anyway)
    -Factions could just remove valuables on this one day (Makes withering in wild pretty useless but who is going to take down pistons in a big farm?)
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  4. AN_AM

    AN_AM Mod Moderator

    this is actually a pretty good solution imo, but yeah the cons overweigh the pros so it's still kinda iffy
  5. Spleaf

    Spleaf New Member

    You're missing the main point of having a FACTIONS BASE be something thats worth the players time in the gamemode FACTIONS a claimed base to share with you and your members is and always has been a critical aspect in this version of the game and shouldn't be completely obliterated with people always worrying about having an unclaimed base with no protection....
  6. bradderzwld

    bradderzwld Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++

    Nobody has claimed bases right now because of how OP withers are.
    I want to nerf wither raiding and allow players to have claimed bases again.
    How am I discouraging factions?
    You're missing the point mate.
  7. OOM_Laut

    OOM_Laut New Member

    I have seen what a wither can do first hand. First time was with my faction's farma base, it was inside the innermost wall within 15 minutes of it being spawned in. There was no defense against it, within minutes every part of the base was blown into and the farm was rendered useless. I have seen Aegis's mushroom and pumpkin farma base after it was completely obliterated by a wither, as well as Insiders base being destroyed right after the walls, went up. The results of these wither raids are devastating and have caused many players to give up such as the entire 4th Reich faction; which at one time was one of the most powerful factions on the server.
    Brad made an interesting suggestion as did Parot4ktv however I do not see how either of these ideas will work or be successful. Also as for tnt cannoning goes I have broken into countless claimed vaults and bases with a simple tnt slime stack cannon, can you cannon into a huge base such as Misfits or Aegis? Yes. Will it take multiple slime stack cannons, people, and time? Yes. Personally I have found that the faction aspect of this server is absurd; I think it's cool that it allows players to make connections with each other but it creates a single powerful group that guarantees the destruction of all other factions.
    My suggestion is to remove factions from and extend the map to a higher boundary such as starting the map at 15,000 blocks and increase by 1000 every month (open to debate this is merely a baseline). With the implementation of farmm I really like how there are no factions and bring the game to what many players desire it to be. I have noted many people wishing this server to be more based on farming rather than a faction shit show where your base gets raided minutes after it is finished *cough* Insiders faction base. With the current system, it's very difficult to grow, sell, and excel if your base is wither raided to the point of destruction, especially before it's even finished or shortly after being made. With a map extension more farms can be made hidden from other players and will balance the removal of factions as land will no longer be claimable.
    This being said, another suggestion would be to take it in the exact opposite direction. Increase the amount of players that can join a faction and increase the faction power of each rank (another player suggested the former of this idea earlier). Extending the map would still be necessary as more land would be needed to accommodate these factions.
    I understand these are extremely radical ideas and would basically change MCDrugs completely. I am open to constructive criticism and would love to hear other players thoughts on this.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2020
  8. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    Slime cannons can't reach as far as you think
  9. OOM_Laut

    OOM_Laut New Member

    Oh, I am well aware of the terrible range that slime cannons posses. I once spent nearly 13 hours trying to cannon into Trapstars farma "troll" base that was placed right on the corner of the warzone. They made it so that a slime cannon couldn't reach the centre chunk from any side by claiming the three chunks on either side of the base then making their walls alternate between cobble and sand. My point wasn't that slime tnt cannons are good I was merely saying for smaller factions they work, which brought me to my main point that factions do not work on this server as they present a challenging paradox. How I see it, without factions, raids are guaranteed to work if you find a base. With factions, raids are still pretty much guaranteed with withering. Increasing faction size may prevent this but honestly, I doubt it as there are only ever 100 people on this server at most. I sincerely believe the best of these options is to remove the factions aspect from the server as the shift to unclaimed bases and farms is already apparent.
    Another idea I just had is to remove factions from wild world as it makes zero sense to have a huge faction base with valuables when you can make an unclaimed vault in some random spot in the map. Keep factions in farma as huge farms are a great aspect of the game and will need defenses. Increasing faction size would help make these bases more resistent to withering but also impossible to cannon. Again I see the (for lack of a better term) pros and cons these ideas create but also want people to consider the problems with the current system.
  10. TwerkFest

    TwerkFest Retired Staff Retired Staff

    Thats not why we quit; infact we're the ones who started the withering on the server. However, most of us have played for several maps and have think the quality of MCD has gone down over time. I won't get to much into it, but if you want more info PM me in discord.
  11. TwerkFest

    TwerkFest Retired Staff Retired Staff

    I meant to quote the other guy, not you, Lurnn.
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  12. willcon

    willcon New Member

    I have seen servers with throwable creeper eggs and other things like that. I think something like that could be a decent wither replacement. (Until cannons are fixed).
  13. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    Doubt that would help at all tbh

    Also more of a 1.7 thing. probably possible on 1.13 just sounds dumb and not needed.
  14. 50PercentOff

    50PercentOff Helper Helper

    Tbh, Insiders was only withered so quickly because my only goal was to make the base unusable, seeing as when I cannoned it before it was patched. Usually that wouldn’t happen from what I have seen, but I could be wrong seeing as I wasn’t really big in the raiding scene until I withered it.
  15. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    That's everyone's goal with withering, it's always like that
  16. Parrot4KTV

    Parrot4KTV Active Member

    just make 3 second 255 nukes it's ez lmfao omegalul

    brad's idea sounds really good, raiding on 1-2 days of the week, since most factions who have the valuables to store in a big base, probably won't be taken out if it's a good amount.
  17. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Wither spawning is now disabled. We are looking into balanced substitutes to make raiding possible, further changes and new mechanics will be announced soon.
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  18. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    Sir yes sir.

    Thank you for listening to the people.
  19. Parrot4KTV

    Parrot4KTV Active Member

    One suggestion to this.

    I've done research and found a factions server that's really popular with the competitive factions community called Vanity. They have a 1.16.3 realm open, with 1.8 pvp and 1.8 redstone for cannoning. I doubt the server would like to transition to 1.8 pvp, but we could use the 1.8 redstone by itself to help out with cannoning.

    I mean, you can actually raid
    Better patching with 255 cannons rather than the withers
    that's really it

    Current auto cane farms would be broken, since we use observers instead of repeaters, and the larger 1.8 cane farm would lag the fuck out of the server, due to mass pistons movement. I guess that's why we have FarmA though
    Bases would have to be remodeled to suit a 1.8 cannon
    Schematica/Printer would have to be enabled due to the size of most cannons

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